The TV Tower began operations in the Mahlerovy sady park at Žižkov to cover the television, radio and other telecommunication signals in Prague in 1992. The exhibition of “Babies” sculptures by the artist David Černý may well have helped deter initial objections  concerning health, urban conditions and air traffic safety for the locals of Prague 3, but the residents of Žižkov seem to be getting used to “their” tower now.

The transmitter in Prague Petřín, which began in 1953 had become outdated and this new installment for radio-communications was decided upon in 1978. The unique structural design of the tower met the new requirements for modern telecommunication services.

The Žižkov transmitter provides Prague inhabitants with television signal for three programs, radio broadcasting for 6 programs (ultra short waves) as well as television cable distribution station. It has become the main connection for mobile and standard networks, a centre for the network control of T-Mobile Czech Republic. It is also responsible for monitoring of the air quality in Prague. The TV tower provides radio station equipment for emergency rescue services and fire brigade. This was an important feature during the infamous Vltava flood in 2002.