Went to Vienna last night to pick up my visa this morning.  I had been last time to initiate this process and stayed in the Burmuda Triangle at an old place, but this time I stayed at a hostel.

A mistake always, as I wound up in a young place where they played hip hop and I had to share with three or four boys, much like Soho. Went for dinner in the Burmuda Traiangle though, the young, hip bar strip in the oldest part of Vienna, near The Danube in Bermudadreieck.  I didn’t get lost, but loved the vibrant atmosphere of the old merchant warf district with narrow street and cobblestones.

Similar to other European cities but Vienna does have a slightly more imperial feel to it, vintage traditional.  I kept imagining Mozart’s urban reincarnation every time I made eye contact with a good looking local.

This morning was a breeze though. The embassy was easy to find, since I’d already been.  I start tomorrow at Strom and am so excited about not having to teach any more.  I move this weekend into new digs, enough of the haunted house.  They are supposed to send a driver for me at 8 pm next Sunday.

Now, sitting on the train back to Prague it all seems so final, and I know my life is about to change completely as I join this big company.  It is good as I have been burning the candle at both ends lately in order to work this job remotely and try to earn a living schlepping English classes at the same time. I love the new white and blue pinstripe shirt I picked up, this morning too.  I love new clothes, something so small shouldn’t make me so happy, but it does.