This month marks the 20th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution. A lot of holidays in honor of the induction of democracy to formerly occupied Communist Prague. It would be nice to say everything went perfectly after that but capitalism has its pitfalls as well. However, life here is very genuine and has the spark of magic still, after a thousand of years. Prague is a multicultural mecca between the East and the West, choosing freedom over a life of mundane bowing; lifting tattered veils reveals the unbound potential of constant rebirth.

Finally discovering new places with friends and colleagues near the company I loved but left, Botanic. Its amazing to see friends grow in to confident successful people, wiser and able to navigate easily through the difficulties of world’s economies. I am so proud to have the amazing friends in my life that I do! The folds of the velvety tapestries of Prague have taken me back in and I feel ultimately safe and happy here.

There are so many variations of stories about the Czech role in their taking back of their own country, it’s hard to believe any one version. Nutshell has a few contrasting conspiracy versus legend viewpoints. As for the history of revolution, weather you call it velvet or gentle, it seems this will be another gentle transition in 2009, that the Czechs will take their national pride to a whole new level of freedom and power, now at the presidency of the EU, as a chengin nation, with their own currency which is slowly but surely rising against every other, it is indeed a great place to be despite any world crisis.

I am certain of good things to come here, in spite of the chaos of the world, Prague seems to be the pedestal on velvet cushions the rest of the world cannot touch.