Monkey business in the trees nearby kept us distracted for a while before we started our yoga class, but the white faced monkey family we met was fascinating. Here’s a video of the little guys climbing in the trees nearby. Capuchin monkeys are friendly and plentiful in Costa Rica.

Definitely the best place to try inversions on the soft sand. I led a multi-level class through vinyasas and we had a great time playing around at Manuel Antonio beach Thursday morning before it got too hot. We got some great shots of the monkeys then took some inspiration from them with twists, backbends and arm balances in the Costa Rican sand.

My travel companions, Leah lives here and works at Vista Serena, so is hooking us up with a private shuttle and great rooms in Uvita for our tip tomorrow. Adele from Toronto is in the picture also doing handstand. Claudia is my bunkmate from Uruguay. She is on a vacation week she took of a business trip her Danish company is sending her on to visit new developing offices they have in Costa Rica, El Salvator, Nicaragua and Panama. So she will be working next week. Great way to start the day! So lucky to find some fellow yogis to travel further south with to Uvita tomorrow.