I had a bean and lentil polenka soup.  It was really good, I added garlic, one clove and some leftover spinack I didn’t want to throw out.  I am feeling very full and think I might have to go out for another run if I have any hope of doing yoga tonight.  I should do laundry but am trying to decide between spending the 80 crown on the machine or just sequestering myself in the bathroom for awhile and putting the tub to good use.  It’s really the time consuming part I don’t like.

I have my hands full trying to organize this website project as well, organizing, now I have so many pics I barely know where to begin, somewhere manageable I suppose.  I should really get the articles up and work on layout so I have something useful to download on Thursday and Friday when I utilize the school facilities Friday afternoon at Skrivonic and whenever I can get by Glossa.

Every week-day, I get up early, run down to the infant of Prague church where my tram stop toward the center of the city is and begin my daily migration from one company to another that one of my three different language schools have assigned me for the day.

Schedules are weekly and I am always getting lost. But as hard as I have it with money right now, I refuse to complain because all my work with websites involves me figuring out what to do, not so much a problem with the access.  Something to think about as I search out new digs.

Mala Strana, my pretty summer flat, will eventually have to be traded in for something more reasonable with online access, but later, not now during summertime, when the living is easy. It’s not so all the time.  I am not finding living easy by myself all the time…