Krishnamurti, teacher of many things, I am studying this, and many philosophies.  Its easy to see why so many great thinkers came from Italy, it is the natural progression of the human to wonder why we are given the beauty of this place…

It is possible to disconnect from the trap of the rat race and be introspective, here between the sea and the mountains, far from everything I know- even the English language.  The distance from here is enough to step away and see the bigger picture. The pull in the universe is bi-directional.  It seems that which we find appealing has a way of seeking us as well.

We are attracted to that which completes us, like atoms, crashing against each other and trading ions, sometimes getting stuck when the gaps that need to be filled match. This crashing dance becomes a focal point on which we construct reality.

I live by feelings and my only intelligence is intuitive, experience like food and air, flowing like water always searching new things.  But, also like water, the things I most want slip through my fingers too easily, or I unintentionally wear them away.  Water, the giver of life is also a most destructive force…

Balance is difficult when constructing the day, month or life in any direction, there must be some proactive decision-making but understanding the forces of fate which shape our path.  It requires some quiet contemplation, mostly unpracticed in the western world.

Here, I am finding more time for yoga and meditation, listening to my dreams, telling me I am lost in a strange urban landscape and overwhelming complicity of paths to choose.

“All authority of any kind, especially in the field of thought and understanding, is the most destructive, evil thing. Leaders destroy the followers and followers destroy the leaders. You have to be your own teacher and your own disciple. You have to question everything that man has accepted as valuable, as necessary.”

This is fundamental in the philosophy of the developing mind, always to question and to keep everything in motion, always seeking answers.

Krishnamurti referred to the totality of his work as ” teachings” and not as “my teachings.”

Sitting in lotus by the seaside is not too bad a way to sort out the tangle, making the quiet reflection at the end of a turbulent year a transition for a better planned direction.