It’s snowing outside and my heart goes out to all the Halloween pumpkins left stranded in the snow.  It’s too early it seems for them to be this cold, alone and unpicked.  The ghosts following from the past will be lost at night with the wind howling and the blanket of white covering the hallowed grounds of the rocky mountains.

Pumpkin picking in OctoberMoving here was seeking something refreshing and new, and learning things I don’t already know about my own country.  Summoning the undead memories of the past and getting rid of them or replacing them with better new ones.

Not expecting economic depression, my mission of finding more travel, here in the west, didn’t pan out quite as I expected.  I found great people and  events like the DNC and the quieter sort of observation I found I had more time for  some spiritual growth and of course more yoga. Leaving now, I will be missing many.  Bright, glowing happy moments in the cold, wide plains here in the wild west, like pumpkins in the snow.