The stone stairways going up to fort and older castle ruins atop the hills, lies the observatory, for watching the splendor of the ever changing skies in greater detail.  I walked there last night, my first visit.  I found an enchanted garden and a magic workshop gallery.  In a house in the forest, like fairy tales of Hansel and Gretel finding the witches cottage deep within the woods.

The thicker growths of summer leaves, at their fullest spreading over the jade and verdant greens of the August growth that tangles in parts, parted by stone walkways, and the fields of open, reeds and grass, with butterflies circling queen anne’s lace and every flower weed I remember from my childhood, amongst the cherry trees.

The steep slopes leading up the hills to the secret hideaway restaurants keep all but the locals and the most stout-hearted tourist away.  The lack of accessibility promotes a quieter atmosphere that beckons during the hottest part of the day.