Somehow while I was gone it became autumn here.  Enchantment settles upon me again as I sit at a café on the way to Unicorn.  Nusle doesn’t have that many cafes but I chose this Italian one, because I miss Calabria already. I jumped back into my teaching as if no time had passed.  I only have a few minutes, here, but it seems long right now.

The past two days have thrown my whole being out of whack.  Gone are the precious Italian mountains and the warm summery days by the ocean.

I wasn’t too worried about where to stay at the moment because Joanne had said stay with her when I came back.  So, I did trust her, and it blew up in my face because I was out of a place my second night back in town when this “friend” texted me as I was busy schlepping English classes that her other flat-mates didn’t want me there.

Balancing two teaching schools around each other hadn’t been easy, teaching at these government buildings and new money commercial enterprises of Eastern Europe that fancy themselves the next world trade center is a pain in the ass.  Running from one end of old town to Nové Město all day is hard enough without worrying about where to live!

So, I went through listing  and found a great temporary situation with Luis Raphael in the elegant residential district of Vinohrady, by far my favorite situation yet!

Good people are hard to find and when you do, value them always!! Nice to have made some friends from Brazil, Greece and Argentina. Going to some cubs, meeting new people.  Found bikram classes in old town. Now is the best time for a health kick, too.

I came back from Italy broke but happy and trying to find the right combination of food here is best done with fruits and vegetables.  I know what they are and don’t have to try to guess the contents by the pictures on the package. Strange how much more fun everything is with friends, how easy and challenging everything is at the same time…but thats what I love.