“Don’t look now doll, but its mistah MIA his self”

Lolita blew out a tuft of smoke and snubbed out her cigarette. She didn’t look at him. “You really wanna do this right here in the middle of the playground at recess?”

“Did you get my message? I sent it to you this morning.”

“So, what’s the story this time Ken?” Lolita turned toward him and held his gaze while she spoke, “and this one better be good, like you spent the last two hours up there in the rafters thinking up something pretty damn creative…”

“I was out with the boys and we were…”

“Oh come the fuck on,” she looked away and then turned back on him with a steady icicle glare. “How bout you tripped and fell getting out of the car at the strip joint – and broke every single one of your fingers.” She ignored his smile, “That’s why you couldn’t call!”

“That’s pretty good, maybe I’ll use that one sometime,” he was nearly laughing. “Listen, how about dinner, tonight?”

“Are you freakin’ kidding me?”

“Don’t get all crazy on me. I can explain.”

“You don’t have to explain why you’re an asshole, Ken. I didn’t spend all those years going to bars with all the fucking guys from the local, listening to all the bullshit they talked about in order not to recognize it when its commin’ my way. Don’t bother.”

“I’m not retarded,” his smile was as hard as plastic eggs. The whites of his eyes sparkled. He took a swig of bottled water.“I know I would’ve had a better time hanging out with you.” He grabbed her arm, lightly. “Will you listen…”

Lolita yanked herself free. “Look, once was an accident and twice is a coincidence…” she could feel something inside melting. She sharpened her tone to a gutteral sneer and rolled her eyes. “Bet you know how that one goes.”

“Jesus Christ, you’re sexy when you’re pissed off.”

The door to the loading dock slammed shut as the other stagehands returned to the building after their 15 minute break. “Your game is as old and beat as you are.” Lolita didn’t look back as she walked back toward the stadium.

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