Cooking at Yoga Farm is the most fun I have had in any kitchen. We use as many ingredients directly from the farm as possible. Root vegetables, fresh ginger, starfruit and peppers graced almost every meal. As long as hot sauce was on the table, everybody was happy.

Volunteers and sometimes guests help prepare the evening meal in two hour sessions. This picture shows my room-mate and fellow volunteer, Aida and Sarah (skirt in the background).

The old stove Yoga Farm Feb 2012

An atmosphere of warmth and spirit of generosity is the prevailing influence of humor and good spirits. We gathered as a group, every morning, noon and night for food and conversation.

Every night a new dynamic, of new guests, personalities and performances, coming and going. We shared stories about past, present and future travels. Inventing games like cup-a-nut and drinking many rounds of tea before dragging my tired body to bed was an idyllic way to spend the hot breezy month of February.


From the first moment of my arrival, I was compelled to whisper, “…paradise.” After a week of youth hostels and busses, neither of which I am used to, Yoga Farm was a welcome oasis of rustic serenity. The folks I met at Yoga Farm hold a very special place in my heart. They always will.

Thank you all!!