I am a man

My heart is made of stone

It is hard and heavy

Forged of many centuries

Earthen soil

Weighs heavy upon it

Outer shell hides what lies within

Strength of fire is at its core

Embers burning deep

Energy lies dormant, asleep


I am a woman

My heart is made of ice

It is cold

It is frigid

It may shimmer, but it will shatter

If you play it carelessly

Surely you will break it

And thusly it will scatter

to the 4 corners of the earth


A tantalizing prism

reflection of desire

fragile and frail

even the breath of frosty animosity

cloud the surface


and this man of earth and fire

took this woman of air and sea

and he broke her heart

but not before he melted it

now the waters divide each mighty mountain

their love are storms and seasons

and they had a child

which is me


I am a human

And my heart is

Soft and warm

If you cut me you will see

That the blood is running free


And all I know is what is real

My heart


is not made of steel

Or fire, water, earth or wind

It knows pain, hate, love and sin

My heart is made to feel


Rivers of blood

Flowing with each breath

Singing and dancing with joy

Its cries are tears of pain

Within lies darkness

But also light

My heart is human


I am a man

who is a woman

acting as a man

Winds blow,

Hot and cold

seasons change

But I’m still here

Always strange

My heart is human