The dirty dancing soundtrack intermixed with talking heads, bangles, and Cyndi lauper.  Wherever I am in Europe, this mix seems assured.  I love them now like I did back then.

I came back from Italy broke but happy and trying to find the right combination of food here is best done with fruits and vegetables.  I know what they are and don’t have to try to guess the contents by the pictures on the package. Best time for a health kick. Found bikram classes in old town.

It was nearly Halloween when we moved into the haunted house. After coming back from Italy, I had stayed an extra week in Italy and Glossa (one of the schools English Teaching schools) fired me and stole my money, the money they had owed me from working the previous month, so I was just trying to live as cheaply as possible.

The old Czech couple that owned it communicated exclusively with our Czech flatmate, Lukas, and smiled and waved at Denise and I whenever we met. It was an old converted house in a suburb of Prague, between the centre of the city and the communist block apartment buildings that sprang up everywhere surrounding the city during Soviet rule in the 50s and 60s.

The trams and nearest metro were a few blocks walking distance up (to) and down (from) the house. The apartment we shared was on the second floor and I took the converted living room because it had a balcony overlooking the backyard.  It was living here that I experienced some of the saddest and loneliest moments I ever would in Prague. Moving in was joyful, as we had spent weeks searching for something big enough, close enough to the city, that we could all afford.

Every romance I encountered during that soul drenching autumn would end disastrously. On the flip side, I had my first few successes with web work and finding my job at Sitronics in the spring. It seems to have been a major turning point in my life in this respect. Somewhere here though, I lost my mojo.

Good people are hard to find and when you do, value them always!! Nice to have made some friends from Brazil, Greece and Argentina. Going to some cubs, meeting new people.

Strange how much more fun everything is with friends, how enticing and challenging everything is at the same time…but that’s what I love about travel.