September was when I first ventured out into the Czech countryside alone, visiting mountains and small towns. Sitting on the train to Cheb, the 8:15 I caught after closing up my new apartment near Namesti Miru, I started to relax a little for the first time in several weeks of running non-stop. I sit here listening to the screech of wheels on the traintracks, feeling the chill September wind sweeping into this train car.

I had raced for the train, realizing how lucky it was I got to the station, about ten minutes before the departure.  Nodding off, I made the trip at night in silence and restful sleep.

Day 2

Last night’s sleep seems restful, almost too much since I have a hard time getting up now and the dark grey clouds outside bring with them waves of humid dampness. I doubt it will clear up too much today.  I will go sightseeing and I will be able to get some good photos in the overcast light.

I can’t get over feeling so comfortable here, this was a pretty happy house and the school feels very alive and full of interesting kinds of energy.  Supposedly the American School where GIs stayed when they got here.  Into the annals of the past I will go searching out all of the most interesting parts.

I am not so against being a good teacher that I cannot try to learn to do this very well on the trip. If this meeting goes well, I will be able to go with the English training tour in Italy.  It will be the best teaching I am capable of. A way of getting to see and do what is most important, travel.  Am excited as hell about this and cannot even imagine how good it will be to find the warmth of the sunshine and the blanket of the sea.  I have never in my life been to a place like it although I may not find it that different than the coastal life in Florida.

Next day…

I am so hungry for the breakfast the nice proprietress of this house is fixing for me.  It is nice here.  The breakfast was good, too many carbs and sugar but good. Now, I can see that its all possible.  I got the job and will be going to Italy in just a few weeks! I am so glad to have found Cheb, the place I have more reason to like than any other yet here.

I got off the train feeling a little tired and not so very like myself.  Have been battling with these romantic issues but now I feel like those are very far away.  If I got out of town enough weekends like this I might actually be able to survive the winter, and I have no idea where or why or what kind of internal battles might still lie in wait for me but I do know now that whatever it is I can handle.