Fall of the Wall Graffiti in Berlin

Stepping off the plane in Berlin, collecting luggage,  I am glad for the rail system that will take me into the big apple of Europe. Berlin is covered in graffiti. Art reflects life and right now Berlin is celebrating the fall of the wall in 1989. Dinah tells me about the Wall and where it was before the fall and we drive along the fault line from West to East to get from the main train station to her house. Colorful…

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Cleveland goodbye

Sometimes when facing the unknown, it’s best to start out with a bad hangover. That’s not a rule I live by, but rather a situation I’ve found myself in many times before. My first flight overseas was on the tails of a party night out. Cleveland was good to us. No fights, no lost wallets, no tears. We made it back to the hotel in one piece with an extra 6-pack of beers we never drank since we all passed…

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