Today is my 5th day here at yoga farm and my 15th day in Costa Rica. I have been gone from the states for two weeks now and it feels like forever!

Yesterday I took a trip to Pavones because it’s the only place I can get cash and buy tea or chocolate. Setting off in the morning, I biked about 8 km to Pavones for internet and a few basic necessities.

It took about 30 minutes or so to get there, but the way back was longer because it was later in the day and much hotter. The humidity is pretty high, but it only rains a little at night if at all. It stays hot, about 90 to 88 degrees every day. At night, a little cooler. When it’s not too hazy with cloud cover or moonlight, the starts are brilliant and clear. My bunkbed dorm room is comfortable and breezy. There are no mosquitoes at all!

Yesterday’s trip was a good work out, a little rocky and mostly flat but was more like mountain biking than city streets. Between the steep hill we climb up and down to get to the smaller town at the base of Yoga Farm, Punta Banco, and the swimming and daily or twice a day yoga classes… Life is good!